What Apple/iOS still needs to fix

Apple has come along way from the original iPhone with their hardware and iOS advances:   3G, GPS, iPad, Retina, Copy/Paste, Multitasking are just a few.  However, I feel there are several hardware and software issues they either haven’t gotten to, or are purposefully ignoring:

  • iPad Brightness – The current LED backlight, even at minimum brightness, is too bright for a completely dark room.  iBooks and some other apps try to work around this, but the flaw is still there.
  • Auto-brightness – Speaking of brightness, I still don’t know what auto-brightness is trying to do.  If i’m standing in the sun it should auto set to max, and if i’m in the dark is should auto set to min.  Simple, no?  Apparently not.
  • Bluetooth Support is still woefully lacking.  Being able to tether your low-power GPS, XM Weather Radio, or even your other mobile device is important to many markets.
  • Notifications – Basically non-existant with only one modal popup at a time an no history.   Granted, OSX is lacking in this area as well, but atleast there you have Growl to fill the need.
  • iPad Resolution – Okay, second generation will probably fix this, but right now it looks poor compared to the iPhone.

What else do you think is missing / wrong?

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